Welcome to Prime Hunt Incorporated, our full service facility is loaded with trophy bucks and conveniently located in North Central Wisconsin less than two miles from the Central Wisconsin Airport. CWA is a commercial airport serviced by multiple international carriers. Once you arrive we will be committed to providing you with the best hunting experience available. Transportation, choice of lodging, meals, guides, and if you want to enjoy other local hunting or entertainment activities we will arrange them for you. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!


Whitetail hunts are available from August thru January as we have many hunters who love the opportunity to harvest a buck in full velvet, or chase a late season buck in the snow laden forest of the northwoods. There are six elevated all season blinds complete with heaters as well as multiple tree stands that allow us to accommodate all weather conditions. This flexibility also allows you to choose how you want to harvest your trophy. Bow, Crossbow, Black Powder, Hand Gun, Shotgun or Rifle, use your ol’ tried and true or if you have restricted seasons where you hunt, try something new. Prime Hunt is a private hunting preserve, we can arrange for different hunts on different days!

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Individual Testimonials
  • "I would recommend Prime Hunt to anyone looking for an exciting hunting experience. The accommodations are top notch and the attention to our needs was greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great hunt!"

    JEFF E.3rd year
  • "This was the best overall hunting experience we had. The family and hunting was great! Hope to see you again soon."

    BRIAN H.1st year
  • "The guides are great! They worked hard to get us on nice deer. The lodging was exceptional. We had a GREAT time. Can't wait to come back!"

    STEVE M.1st year